Whole Site Design

What is meant by ‘Whole Site’ design?

It means we look into all aspects of your website; your potential site users, the messages you need to get across to those visitors and the simplest method to get that info in front of them in a way that will capture their attention.

You have an idea of how you want your site to look and feel. We aim to capture your ideas and even add a bit ‘more’ that you didn’t realize you wanted (or needed).

We will also look at things from your visitor’s perspective, because being too close to something can leave blind spots that perhaps the Owner cannot see.

When Designing a Whole Site, we spend time gathering your thoughts, feelings, ideas, colour choices and the gist of the content you wish to provide. We also ask for links to sites that you like elements of, with a short note describing what it is you like about that site and what you’d like to try to capture for your own.

We then get to work building a prototype layout to work with and tweak, with as much feedback from you as we can get. Once the Design is satisfactory, the actual building commences.

Another aspect of our Whole Site Design is we try to leave out the bits that everyone puts in, but aren’t really needed. And add in the parts often left out that are actually quite important! Such as making sure you’re up to date on all guidelines such as a Privacy Policy and if you use Cookies, an alert to users about said cookies.

Online Store

A Whole Site often has an integrated Online Store. If this is part of the package that you’ve selected, we make moving from the regular site to the shop side as seamless as possible.

There are several ways to integrate your shop, with different Shopping Cart providers available. You may have your own preferences or we can suggest a few as well.

Sometimes a Shop Owner wants a completely different look for their Website and Online Store. No problem!

We work with you to come up with the best plan to optimize the two entities and how they should work together. As this second half of the project has a completely different look and feel, it is considered a From Scratch development and priced accordingly.

Content Management

As far as adding content to the site, there are varying methods available:

  • We build the framework and train you how to add the content.
  • We build the site and add the already prepared content you supply to us.
  • We find and add content to your site, create it for you, or use raw materials you supply to make the final product.

We also offer an ongoing update service for software and publishing new content, articles or blogs.

All of our Websites come with training for the owner or admin on how to use the site.

More extensive training and tutoring is available. We can also be contracted to run it for you.

So don’t be shy, Contact Us today for a brief chat about creating the best presence for YOU on the Web!