What did you wish to learn today?

We can teach you! What, wait, I didn’t hear your answer? That’s ok, we’ve been around long enough, if we don’t know the answer we know where to find it!

All of our developers are very patient and kind when working with someone who is just learning. We understand how frustrating technology can be at times and have learned how to break things down into an easy step by step learning process.

A brief list of Tutoring Topics:

  • Using WordPress and keeping it Updated
  • Scheduling blog posts for your site and Facebook
  • Setting up and/or running your Online Store
  • Writing content for your website
  • Finding Graphics and Other content to use on your website
  • Using common software programs on your home computer
  • Graphics editing with GIMP, an open source alternative to Photoshop
  • Creating videos and uploading to Youtube or other such platforms

Basically, anything you want to learn to do, we can help!