Site Updating

Keeping your Web Site software up to date is just as important as keeping your home computer virus scanner up to date. Bad guys can get in. That’s all fun and games if it’s just some hobby site. But what if it’s your BUSINESS and you’re just starting to get it rolling. Things are looking good and BAM! Some script kiddies from anywhere just flatline your plans. NOT COOL!

We are here to help. We offer basic updating packages, starting at $80 to get all of your updating done. We also provide a security report of what was done, what couldn’t be done and what is still recommended to do. Most web platforms are supported, ask if unsure.

Yes, some hosting providers offer automatic updates. But go check your control panels and if you see any that have been missed, then it’s time to consider this service!

Of course, there’s nothing better than learning how to take care of things yourself, so we also offer Tutoring services. If you have the time and want to learn, it’s really not all that hard to run and maintain your own site and web host.

Ok, so you followed this link looking for SITE updating, not Web Host Updating. We do that too! There are different services available such as Renovating an existing site, adding new content, adding on an Online Store and whatever else you can think of to take your existing Web Site to the next level.

Facebook Page? Yes, we can do that! Any Social Media needs and integrations can be accommodated. And again, we can train YOU how to keep things going once we have it all setup just right. It can seem overwhelming at first, but with training and a schedule of updates, you will be a Pro in no time!