Capture Your Ideas

In this digital world, it’s easy to forget the simpler ways of capturing ideas as they happen. How often have you opened your phone to jot down a note and got interrupted by a message on a social platform. Down the rabbit hole we go and the note never gets made. Time gets wasted.

Let’s just skip that step and carry a notepad and pen or pencil (or both!) My mother was fond of a pocket voice recorder and she’d take voice notes to copy down later.

Keep idea books and pens in your vehicle, bag, on the kitchen table, anywhere in your life you may be when inspiration strikes.

The old school method of writing ideas and important thoughts down often helps us remember them better, and also takes our mind off that as something to worry about. As it’s now on ‘The List’ of things to be done.

My sister LOVES lists. I’m surprised she doesn’t start her list like this:

  • make a list

She loves them because they work! It’s like a game, seeing how many things you can cross off. You could even reward yourself at the end of the list:

  • ,,,
  • completed all items on list

Easy win 😉 But you deserve it if you do it!

So try writing more things down as they occur to you and see how many more of your dreams actually come true.